Let's compare the best lithium-ion batteries vs fossil fuel performance

To give an idea of the challenges being faced we need to look at the comparison between the Specific Energy content of the best lithium-ion batteries on the market vs the performance of fossil fuels.

Battery Output

Essentially the specific energy of Tesla's 2170 battery is only 2.7% of that of liquid fuel.

Electric motors have the advantage of being three times more efficient than combustion engines, but this still means that they are only 8.1% as efficient as petrol when it comes to powering vehicles.

Progress in developing better lithium-ion battery technology has been a major focus of many research institutions and battery companies around the world, resulting in a steady stream of incremental improvements.

Nevertheless, every device and vehicle manufacturer is seeking a paradigm shift, a serious improvement in practical commercial technology to increase both the amount of specific energy in a battery and its safety, as well as its faster charging time along with a longer battery lifetime.

The challenge is everyone is seeking the best solution to capture a significant piece of the rapidly expanding lithium-ion battery market.

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