Our technology uses the best lithium-ion chemistries with novel nano-structuring technology to effectively "upgrade" a battery's functional properties

The proprietary process significantly increases the surface area of the metal oxides in the cathode which allows dimension reduction and doping to increase functionalization and morphology control. This enables cathodes that are ultra-porous, and lithium infused within a nano-structured surface to enable faster lithium ion transport and electron movement in a more energy dense structure.

Doubling the specific energy

Laboratory studies on the cathode have shown that the Next-Battery technology can more than double the specific energy of the best commercial Lithium-ion batteries today, such as the new Tesla/Panasonic 2170 cell used in the Model 3 battery pack. Recharge time should also improve based upon tests to date.

Nano-structured anode design

Next-Battery is also currently testing its nano-structured anode design as well, which needs to be done before a completed battery prototype using the novel anode is ready for demonstration to potential customers.  However, our new cathode can be also used with today’s best anodes already in commercial production for an early version of our battery.

Sophisticated production equipment

Next-Battery will use sophisticated and unique production equipment for the manufacturing of the nano-structured cathode that upgrades the performance of the battery. The manufacturing process is scalable and suited for mass production as well as being able to be integrated into existing commercial Lithium-ion battery modular manufacturing lines allowing for rapid deployment via exclusive licensing arrangements.