Advanced materials and products that are produced and sold worldwide

Aluminum Scandium

Through his company Ashurst Technology, Benton Wilcoxon pioneered the development and commercialization of the highest strength aluminum alloy, known as Aluminum Scandium. This alloy is used in aircraft, aerospace, naval ships, vehicles, and high-performance sports equipment.

Airbus has now created a division to 3D print its own version of Aluminum Scandium alloys for use in its aircraft. The use of a higher strength Aluminum Scandium alloy allows the engineering of lighter structures which result in significant energy savings in aircraft and vehicles.

Electricity Conductors

Wilcoxon founded Composite Technology Corporation (CTC) (Now named CTC Global) to develop and commercialize the world's most efficient conductor for high voltage transmission lines. This conductor, known as ACCC (Aluminum Conductor Composite Core), saves energy in grid systems throughout the world. To date 60,000 kilometers of this technology has been deployed on 550 projects across 50 countries.

End users include some of the largest utilities in the world including American Electric Power in the USA, National Grid in the UK and State Grid in China.

Reducing line losses on transmission lines saves many megawatts of generation each year, which significantly reduces CO2 emissions. For example, in only one line replacement in Texas, there is a savings of 300,000 MWh of electricity. This saved CO2 emissions of 200,000 metric tonnes per year, which is the same as taking 34,000 cars off the road.

Nano-Structured Titanium

As CEO of NextMetals Ltd, Wilcoxon has developed high-strength nano-structured Titanium, Super Steels, and high-fracture toughness Ceramics for high-performance applications in aerospace, defence, and vehicle applications. These materials are designed for 3D printing using both wire and spherical micro-powders.

Letters of intent have been signed to use the companies advanced materials in defense systems and commercial jet engines. Both projects are now beginning the commercialization phase, with the first prototypes for the companies in production and scheduled for advanced testing and certification.